Dream On!

Grow and multiply your business at the local level!

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The small DREAM ON! – Encouragement to Keep Chasing Your Dreams book was created to do just that. Packed full of motivating and inspiring quotes, readers of all ages are challenged to keep chasing their dreams. At the bottom of each page is a space reserved for local businesses. There is room for only 60 local businesses (listing company name, tagline, and website). The first 60 local businesses to purchase 250 copies of the book at $2/bk ($500 total, including S/H) will be listed in the book.

That results in 15,000 books being put to use at the local level by all the local businesses listed inside the book.

After the first 60 businesses have purchased 250 copies and submitted their contact information (name, website, and tagline that they want readers to see), the book will go to press. It takes about 4 weeks to print and all books ship to a single location. The co-authors will coordinate delivery of the books to the local businesses. Get Started